Sexual Health – Tips and Tricks to Improve It

Sexual Health – Tips and Tricks to Improve It[EXTRACT]
The sexual health of a person is very important, if a person is to enjoy sex. Many a times the person knows that his sexual health is not at its peak but doesn’t really know what to do about it. If you want to enjoy sex, it’s important that you know about the various aspects of sexual health.What is the PC muscle?PC or pubococcygeus muscle is found in both males and females. It has a hammock like shape and forms the floor of the pelvic cavity. It extends from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone), and is a part of the group of muscles known as levator ani. The function of the PC muscles is to control the flow of urine and also contract during an orgasm. The optimum functioning of the PC muscle is essential for helping in urinary control and in women during childbirth. If a person has a strong PC muscle that is functioning to optimum capacity then the person does not face problems like urinary incontinence. Also problems like the proper positioning of the head of the baby during child birth reduce appreciably.What is the G-Spot?The G-Spot or the Grafenberg Spot is a term that is used to describe an erogenous zone in the vagina. There is a debate raging amongst health experts whether the G-spot actually exists or not. Supporters of the G-spot and these are way more than the naysayers, claim that the stimulation of the G-spot leads to very high levels of sexual arousal, which in turn leads to very powerful orgasms. No one can claim with any bit of certainty whether something like the G-Spot really exists, but many women vouch for this spot with certainty. The supposed location of the G-Spot is a few inches (1-3) on the anterior wall of the vagina.Last longer in bed – Various tips to make it happenMost men want to last longer in bed. It’s not about an all-night marathon, but about spending enough time between the sheets to enjoy sex to the utmost. There are various tips to make it happen:Changing positionsIt’s about making sex interesting. Don’t stick to the same position throughout the duration of sexual intercourse. You could start off with a position that you are comfortable with, say the missionary position, but you can change to the woman on top to make it interesting. Learn about various positions and integrate them into your sexual activity.Controlling the breathingYou are not running a marathon. You need to be calm and control your breathing. Breathing fast increases the heart rate, which in turn sends more and more blood to the penis. As the heart rate continues to rise, you will orgasm quickly. On the other hand, control your breathing to last longer.Masturbating and taking a breakIf you know you are going to have sex in a few hours time, you could masturbate before hand. This will help desensitize the penis during actual intercourse, thus increasing the time taken for you to orgasm. You could also think about pulling out the penis out of the vagina at the time when you think you are going to ejaculate. Once you pull it out, you need to firmly grasp the penile shaft. This will help delay your ejaculation.Importance of an orgasm in a couple’s lifeMen and women who experience an orgasm at the end of sexual intercourse feel complete. They feel satisfied not only about the sexual intercourse that they have just had but their relationship in general. Many women do not orgasm as a result of penile thrusts. Their sex partner in such cases must make certain that they orgasm through oral stimulation or the use of vibrators. The inability to have an orgasm at the end of sexual intercourse has broken many a relationship. Also the ability to have an orgasm on a consistent basis has strengthened many relationships.