Effects of Alcohol on Men & Secret Tips to Reverse the Damage

Effects of Alcohol on Men & Secret Tips to Reverse the Damage[EXTRACT]
It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that men drink on average more than women and we suffer more of its ill effects as a result of this. In this article I am going to share some things that every man needs to know about alcohol.Infertility & Premature EjaculationMost of us have been there. Perhaps with met a gorgeous girl down the pub and we get home to find that our chances of a ‘night to remember’ have been reduced by too much alcohol in the system?Well that’s the immediate effect. Over a longer period of time, too much booze can lead to impotence, shrink your manhood and even give you man breasts. Not cool.Men behaving Badly?Alcohol amplifies emotion and lowers our own ability to judge situations appropriately. It can also lead to out of character aggression. A crime survey carried out by the police in 1999 found that 69% of men who committed assaults had been under the influence. Also, interestingly, a third of male inmates believe that they would not be in prison had they not been drinking. Alcohol is a huge factor in domestic violence cases – accounting for 32% of cases.Me Man, you boy…Us men tend to be our own worst enemies when it comes to drinking, we seem to bring out the worst in each other. For example some of us consider it manly to be able to drink far more than what is safe or sensible. if there is a member of the group who has decided not to drink, we tend to take the piss and not let it be.Encouraging your friends to drink more than is safe is a pretty dumb idea. Why? Let’s find out…Deaths in males related to alcohol is on the increase.In 2004, over 1500 men in Scotland alone died to due to alcohol-related circumstances – 3 times more than women. This problem is growing. Compared which data collected in 1980, we can see a rise of more than 360%. One of the scarier effects of alcohol on society.Suicide related to AlcoholDrinking compounds depression and anxiety problems and 70% of males who go through with suicide have been found to be intoxicated with alcohol before doing so. The UK has one of the highest alcohol related suicides rates in the whole of Europe, especially among younger males.3 Tips to Reverse Damage Done by Alcohol1. Drink in moderation. Your liver can only process 1 unit of alcohol per hour. So to allow for this, try to alternate each alcoholic drink with a soft drink. Another good practice is to stick to under 5 units per drinking session.2. Eat well. A diet rich in essential nutrients will help your body by giving it all the ‘building blocks’ necessary to maintain optimal health and repair damage done through drinking.3. Do what NASA does. NASA have been using an edible water plant called AFA ever since the first mission to the moon to help astronauts repair damages done to their brains by the rigors of going into space. A supplement made from concentrated extracts of AFA can help you to reverse damage done by drinking alcohol.