2 Practical Male Enhancement Tips Every Man Ought to Know

2 Practical Male Enhancement Tips Every Man Ought to Know[EXTRACT]
Do you worry too much about SEX?Are you self conscious about your size? Do you worry that you aren’t big enough to please your partner? Do you sometimes fear intimacy, out of a sense of insecurity about how you’ll measure up, relative to previous partners? If you said YES to any of the above… the truth is, you aren’t alone.As a matter of fact, in 3 separate men’s health surveys done in 2012, the 3 most common concerns and most debilitating fears and phobias most men admitted were:
A fear of finishing too fast in bed.
A fear of NOT being able to perform (erectile dysfunction fears… EVEN in men who had never felt it)
A fear of being too small to satisfy our partners.
The truth is, if you’ve had any of these fears, the good news is that they simply mean you are ALIVE, and you care about good sex, and pleasing your partner is a big part of that process.With that in mind, let’s look at a few simple practical male enhancement tips for those men suffer from size insecurity… an issue that is only getting bigger (no pun intended:-) due to the avalanche of advertising designed to make us FEEL smaller than we really are.Tip #1: Take ALL “endowment” information with a grain of saltThe penis enlargement industry is such a powerful one, and such a PROFITABLE one, that there is so much myth and misinformation out there that is designed to make you FEEL smaller and less “normal” than you really are.Some of it, I dare say, is cloaked and couched in a very clever way as well.For example?I recently read a male enhancement review of a popular PE product that purported to be helping undersized men feel BETTER about their size, by publishing figures that were supposed to reveal what was considered “average” or “normal” from an male anatomical standpoint.Of course… the “normal” measurements that these authors suggested were not only complete made up, but they were so HIGH, that anyone who started out self conscious and insecure about our size were only going to be worse off, after reading how far away they were to average.Great marketing, right? Agreed… but NOT honest, and not nice, and in general… if you are reading those sorts of advertisements and articles, the truth is, they are only going to make you feel worse.So take EVERYTHING you read with a grain of salt, and understand that just because someone says something, especially online… it doesn’t make it so. Gaining the confidence to discern between what is fact and what is fiction is important when it comes to ALL health related issues, and that is no different when it applies to these more sensitive subjects as well.Tip #2: Some of the most PROVEN and effective male enhancement tips are the healthiest overall as wellFor example? It is now well known and scientifically accepted that your diet, and erection size are linked.Foods that open up the blood vessels, and oxygenate your blood are now widely known to be sexual supplements as well.These foods are NOT all that exotic, and can be found in your local supermarket with ease.The list is LONG… but fish oils, omega fatty acids, anthocyanins found in green, blue and red fruits, resveratrol and other phtyonutrients found in red wine, dark chocolate, and so forth are now ALL considered important parts of sexual health. (and are widely considered to lead to longer and stronger erections as well)Of course, these very same foods are equally as good for cardiovascular functioning, and overall health and wellness as well… BUT, have specific properties directly linked to better sexual functioning, too, especially when combined with Kegel exercises, PC contractions and other exercise designed to increase the blood flow to and through the male erogenous zones.Lastly, remember this: Good sex is an important part of ALL of our lives. Don’t waste it with worries… fears and phobias that are largely unfounded!Unless you have a serious sexual dysfunction (which are relatively rare) the good news is, just about ALL of your intimacy issues can be overcome with EASE, simply through empowering yourself with information, diet and exercise.